Polyanionic Cellulose (PAC-HV)

Lude Chem®, as a supplier and manufacturer of Polyanionic Cellulose (PAC HV), has engaged in production, development, and marketing of Polyanionic Cellulose (PAC HV) for over 10 years.

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Product Description

1.Product introduction of High-Viscosity Polyanionic Cellulose (PAC-HV)

CAS: 9004-32-4 
HS: 39129000
EINECS: 900-432-4
Another name: Poly Anionic Cellulose, PAC HV, PAC R, Filtrate reducer, cellulose polymer, Oil Drilling Grade PAC, drilling fluids material, PAC-HV.
Lude Chem® PAC (oil drilling grade) and CMC are advantageous because of their: small usage, high yield; good salt tolerance, anti-bacterial property and convenient to use; the fluid loss reduction and the viscosity improvement; flowing control and strong suspending capability; environmental friendly, nontoxic, harmless and odorless; and good liquidity, convenient to construction.
Polyanionic Cellulose (PAC) and Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC) are used in oil drilling fluids and completion fluids. In drilling fluids, it works as viscosifier, flowing controller and filtration reducer, with strong suspending capability, high ability of carrying crumbs, and the function of cleaning drilling crumbs, stabilizing of well wall, preventing the mud from flowing away, protecting drilling bit and reducing the thickness of mud cake, but while in the completion fluids, it functions to control the fluid viscosity, suspend the heavy objects, bring the filler and avoid the fluids loss. It also can replace guar gum in fracturing fluids.

2. Product Parameter(Specification) of High-Viscosity Polyanionic Cellulose (PAC HV)

PAC-HV, also referred to as API PAC regular grade, is a water-soluble polymer produced only from cellulose chemically reacted with carboxy-methyl (anionic) groups. The product obtained is further purified to significantly increase the active polymer content.

PAC-HV is widely used in water-based drilling fluid for a variety of applications, such as filtration control, viscosity and shale inhibition. Although field use can vary, this procedure focuses on filtration-control and viscosity-control characteristics.





White and Yellowish powder

Presence of starch or starch derivatives


Degree of Substitution (D.S) Corrected for Moisture and Salt


Purity, %

≥96.0% / 85.0% /99.0%

PH Value 1%


Moisture Content

≤ 10.0max

Saturated Salt Water Solution

Apparent Viscosity

≥50 cP

Yielding Point

≤ 5.0

Fresh Water Solution

Apparent Viscosity

≥55 cP

Yielding Point

≤ 5.0

API Filtrate Volume (ml)

≤ 23

Particle size ( sieving )

≥95% ( pass through 100 mesh )

For details of product parameters, please contact us.

3.Product Feature And Application of High-Viscosity Polyanionic Cellulose (PAC uses) (PAC-HV)

Ⅰ. Application in Oil Drilling Fluids

► Non-dispersive System
Strong capability of carrying crumbs, restraining the dispersion of the clay, reducing the speed of pulp yield by clay, stabilizing the well wall and effectively increasing the drilling rate.

► Dispersive System
Good suspending capability, containing more solid phases, greatly increasing the stability of granule; best for configuring the high density drilling fluids, and adjusting the rheology of drilling fluids; forming the compact high quality mud cake in the drilling fluids. It has the good function of reducing the fluids loss and free water.

► Calcium treatment drilling fluids
Good ability of calcium resistance, preventing clay granule which caused by calcium ion from excessive flocculation and make the drilling fluids stay into the flocculation conditions and maintain its stable solid content and rheology, so that the drilling fluids have the good and stable performance accordingly.

► Salt water drilling fluids, sea water drilling fluids, and saturated brine drilling fluids
Low sensitive to salt, and strong ability resistance in salt, calcium and magnesium, and it worked as rheologic modifier. Fast adjust the drilling fluid rheology in the low dosage conditions. Meanwhile, it can fast carry out the drilling crumbs and maintain the lower solid content, and enhance the speed of the well drilling rate. Used as filtrate reducer will form the compact mud cake, and due to the filter liquor filtrated by filter cake is very close to the earth layer primitive water, so it is less damage to the oil and gas layer.

► Potassium Base Drilling Fluids
Low sensitive to sylvite, calcium salt and magnesium salt; fast and high efficiently adjust the rheology of drilling fluid. Besides the good effect in fluid loss reduction, it has the power of cleaning drilling crumbs and drilling bit, furthermore, it has the obvious effect in easily blocked drilling bit in earth layer.

► Polymer Drilling Fluids
Good compatibility with other polymer, strong suspending power, cleaning drilling crumbs fast and efficiently, making the drilling fluids stay into low solid phase and low dispersion of clay, and it is also the good filtration reducer.

► Low Solid Phase Drilling Fluids
Adjusting the rheology of drilling fluids fast and efficiently, excellent suspending power, cleaning drilling crumbs promptly and efficiently, maintaining the low solid content, enhancing the speed of the drilling rate, stabilizing the well wall, and possessing the good effect in filtration reducer.

► Environment Friendly Drilling Fluids
This products, with environment friendly, nontoxic, harmless and odorless, biodegradable property, cannot be rotten easily in service. Due to the low maintenance cost of drilling fluids, the constructors’ health and safety are guaranteed. It meets the demand of the kinds complicated geological conditions and no harm to agricultural production.

Ⅱ. Application in Completion Fluids

► Improve the fluidity of the cementing liquids, and make the suitable initial adhesion with lower filtration loss, while it can protect the well wall and prevent the liquids from flowing into the pores and cracks.

► packed fluid

Adjust the fluidity, thixotropy and suspended solid of the liquids. Due to the good salt tolerance property (especially the one Valence metal ion), the effect is obvious when the products are used in packed fluid of clean brine.

► fracturing fluid
Enhance the viscosity of fracturing fluids quickly, bring the proppant into the oil well cracks, build the infiltration lane, reduce the fluid loss quickly and make the formation pressure increase fast to reach the effect of transferring the pressure. No residue, no harm to the base and it can replace guar gum.

Lude Chem® PAC-HV is mainly used in cleaning fracturing fluids. Using Low dosage, reducing the fracturing fluids loss and possessing the good property of salt resistance and temperature resistance. Good water solubility, no residue, no harm to the base, high pumpability, high friction, and power to bring with proppant.

Ⅲ. Special Function Products

► Granulation Products
Improve the work conditions, reduce the dust, dissolve fast and enhance the construction efficiency.

► Instant Products
It can be dispersed and dissolved quickly in water, and it is more convenient and simple when used in rugged drilling environment.
Higher efficiency in cement slurry configuration and low requirement for construction equipment.

►The products in Special Applications
When in the complicated conditions with small usage, the filtration reduction property is of more excellence.

Na-CMC and PAC model and the major role of plasma(PAC High viscosity, PAC Low viscosity)


    Filtration loss     


     Shale  inhibition      


















4.Product Details of High-Viscosity Polyanionic Cellulose  (PAC HV)

 Appearance of Polyanionic Cellulose: White or slightly yellowish, free-flowing powder.

Appearance of Polyanionic Cellulose Appearance of Polyanionic Cellulose Appearance of Polyanionic Cellulose

5.Product Qualification of High-Viscosity Polyanionic Cellulose (PAC HV)

With the best prices, good quality, and good service, Lude Chem® Polyanionic Cellulose (PAC HV) are highly recognized and praised by our customers. Meantime, we provide technical support of each product and marketing competition survey to help customers further enlarge their business easily.

Polyanionic Cellulose (PAC HV) Polyanionic Cellulose (PAC HV) Polyanionic Cellulose (PAC HV)

Polyanionic Cellulose (PAC HV) Polyanionic Cellulose (PAC HV) Polyanionic Cellulose (PAC HV)

6.Deliver, Shipping And Serving of High-Viscosity Polyanionic Cellulose (PAC HV)

Packaging: 25kg/bag or according to client request

Delivery Detail: 2 weeks after confirm order.

Shipping: by sea.


Ⅰ. over 10 years of export trading experience.

Ⅱ. 7x24 hours custome service, help you to solve your questions anytime you want.

Ⅲ. Arrange the orders and shipping with cus requests in time, According to the different countries export policy provide complete customs clearance documents.

Ⅳ. Provide a price trend, ensure the clients can know about marketing informations in time.

Ⅴ. Fast response, fast service .Emails will be replied in 12 hours. Ensure your questions will be answered in time.

Deliver, Shipping And Serving of Polyanionic Cellulose Deliver, Shipping And Serving of Polyanionic Cellulose Deliver, Shipping And Serving of Polyanionic Cellulose

Deliver, Shipping And Serving of Polyanionic Cellulose Deliver, Shipping And Serving of Polyanionic Cellulose Deliver, Shipping And Serving of Polyanionic Cellulose

Deliver, Shipping And Serving of Polyanionic Cellulose Deliver, Shipping And Serving of Polyanionic Cellulose Deliver, Shipping And Serving of Polyanionic Cellulose


Q1.What's the payment terms?
T/T or L/C.

Q2.What's the shelf life for the cargos?
Our product's shelf life is 2 years, which is based on dry and ventilated storage.

Q3.What's the delivery time?
We usually deliver the cargos within 10~20 days after receiving customer's prepayment and original LC.

Q4.What documents can we supply?
Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Certificate of analysis, Certificate of Origin, Health Certificate issued by CIQ with embassy legalized, Bill of Loading etc. 
The documents will be sent by Express within 24 hours against your full payment. 

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