Lude Chem®, as a supplier and manufacturer of High-Viscosity CMC (CMC-HVT), has engaged in production, development, and marketing of High-Viscosity CMC (CMC-HVT) for over 10 years.

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Product Description

Product:                                           High-viscosity CMC (CMC-HVT)

Grade:                                              Technical-Grade

Prouduct Description:                     

Technical-grade high-viscosity carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC-HVT) is an alkali metal salt of carboxymethyl cellulose. The manufacturer shall maintain documentation of the anaysis of the cellulosic raw material used.

The product is a free-flowing or granulated powder and is not normally purified of by-products formed in the reaction.

Product Physical Requirements:      

CMC-HVT shall be deemed to meet the requirements of this internatinal standard if a composite sample representing no more than one day's production conforms to the physical specifications of Table 14, represents the product produced and is controlled by the manufacturer.

Technical Requirements:

Product Rejection                     

CMC-HVT shall be free from any starch or starch derivatives. Therefore, a qualitative starch determination shall be performed before proceeding with the CMC-HVT performance testing. If starch is found, no further testing should be performed and sample shall be rejected.

Table 14 - CMC HVT Physical specifications


Quality specification


White and Yellowish powder

Presence of starch or starch derivatives


Moisture Content, %

≤ 8.0

D.S. Corrected for Moisture and Salt

≥ 0.8

pH value(1%, 25℃)


Viscometer dial reading at 600r/min

In deionized water

≥ 30

In 40g/l salt solution

≥ 30

In saturated salt water

≥ 30

Apparent viscosity,cP

≥ 15

Filtrate volume, millilitres

≤ 10.0

Slurry rate, m3/t

In deionized water


In 4% salt solution


In saturated salt water


Particle size ( sieving ) (100mesh)


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