Polyanionic Cellulose (PAC-R)

Lude Chem®, as a supplier and manufacturer of Polyanionic Cellulose (PAC R), has engaged in production, development, and marketing of Polyanionic Cellulose (PAC R) for over 10 years.

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Product Description



Product Name : Polyanionic Cellulose

Product Description

PAC-R LUDEis a high quality Poly Anionic Cellulose Polymer, useful in controlling filtration and increasing rheology in all type of water, but is particularly effective in salt water brines. PAC-R LUDE additive will aid in dispersion control by attaching and encapsulating the drill solids. It may be used at all density ranges, and functions effectively in dispersed and non-dispersed systems.

Typical Physical Properties  

Ø Physical appearance        White free flowing powder  (The water solution is transparent viscous liquid)

Ø Specific gravity               1.5-1.6

Ø Solubility                         Soluble

Ø Bulk density                   500-900 kg/m3


Ø Provides protection against water sensitive hydrate-able formations

Ø Improves core recovery in diamond drilling

Ø Can be used with bentonite, liquid polymer, with other porducts or as a single mud additive

Ø Can be used in fresh, brackish and salt water

Ø PAC is cost effective means of controlling fluid loss and increasing viscosity

Ø It’s a water soluble polymer

Ø Control filtration rates

Ø Provide supplementary viscosity in fresh water, sea water, and brine-based fluids


Ø Reduces friction between the drill string and the open hole

Ø May be used in all types of water base muds and salinity

Ø Decreases torque and drag

Ø Has application in deviated and extended reach wells

Ø Has high temperature stability up up to 350 °F

Ø It is a high yield viscosifier

Ø It is resistant to ions and is effective over a wide PH range

Ø Improves shale control

Ø It is an excellent thermal stability

Ø Can be used to increase life of foam in air

Ø Resists attack from bacteria, requiring no preservatives or bactericide

Ø Effective in controlling fluid loss

Ø Environmentally acceptable

Ø Depending on water quality, provides viscosity

Packaging and Storage

PAC-R LUDE filtration control additive is packaged in 25 kgs kraft bags.

Store in a dry location away from sources of heat or ignition, and minimize dust.

Product Specification   

Confirm to GB/T5005-2001, API Spec 13A , ISO13500-2001, OCMA


Quality Specification


White free flowing powder

Presence of starch or starch derivatives


D.S. Corrected for Moisture and Salt


Purity, %


PH Value 1%


Moisture Content

≤ 8.0

Apparent Viscosity

Saturated Salt Water Solution

≥50.0 cP

Fresh water solution

≥50.0 cP

Yielding Point (1b/100sq/ft)

0.57% (2ppb), 1b/100ft2

≥ 2.4

0.86% (3ppb), 1b/100ft2

≥ 9.6

1.14% (4ppb), 1b/100ft2

≥ 19.2

API Fluid Loss, ml

0.57% (2ppb)

≤ 20.0

0.86% (3ppb)

≤ 15.0

1.14% (4ppb)

≤ 10.0

Particle size ( sieving )

≥99% ( pass through 80 mesh )

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