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Solubility of polyanionic cellulose


Polyanionic cellulose is a natural hydrophilic substance. When PAC powder is dispersed in water, it will swell and then dissolve immediately. The following methods are used to accelerate the dissolution of polyanionic cellulose:

1. While stirring, slowly add polyanionic cellulose (PAC) to accelerate dissolution;

2. Under heating, adding PAC dispersedly can increase the dissolution speed;

3. When mixed with other materials, mix the solid first and then dissolve, and the dissolution speed can also be increased;

4. Polyanionic cellulose is pre-dispersed in an organic solvent compatible with water (such as ethanol, glycerol, propylene glycol, etc.) and then dissolved. The dissolution speed will be very fast.

Solubility of polyanionic cellulose Solubility of polyanionic cellulose Solubility of polyanionic cellulose